Welcome to the Cloudforest Experience in Ecuador

Welcome to the Cloudforest in Ecuador

The Cloudforest in Ecuador

The Cloudforest in Ecuador is the forest with suspended water in the air.

The Cloudforest in Ecuador is in all the main bioregions of South America.

Ecuador has Cloudforests at both sides of the Andes, Western Cordillera, and Eastern Amazon Cordillera.

The isolated Cloudforest are also found in the Napo-Galeras,  Cordillera Cutucu, Cordillera del Condor, Pacific Coast and Galapagos has its own Cloudforest.

What is Cloudforest?

Welcome to the Cloudforest in Ecuador

The Cloudforest in Ecuador

The cloudforest is the unique forest with a certain amount of suspended water, on low temperatures.

Water is suspending in molecules, water is already in the final step of becoming a drop, and begin the big journey to return to the ocean and come back again to the Cloudforest.

The amount of water suspended as mists or as clouds have challenged wildlife,

All habitats had been connected to the vast Amazon Basin on East Ecuador, always linked with Tumbesian and Paramos.

A Cloudforest also called a water forest, or tropical montane cloud forest is a generally tropical or subtropical, evergreen, montane, moist forest characterized by a persistent, frequent or seasonal low-level cloud cover, usually at the canopy level

Importance of the Cloudforest

Cloud forest Importances

The Clouddorest Importances in Ecuador – The Andean Walnut is an endangered species of tree, restoration would help the Conservation of Nature.

Watershed Function: Because of the cloud-stripping strategy, the effective rainfall can be doubled in dry seasons and increase the wet season rainfall by about 10%.

Experiments showed tree canopies of non-cloud forests intercept and evaporate 20 percent more of the precipitation than cloud forests, which means a loss to the land component of the hydrological cycle.

Vegetation: Tropical montane cloud forests are not as species-rich as tropical lowland forests, but they provide the habitats for many species found nowhere else.

For example, a cloud-covered mountain accommodates many shrubs, orchids, and insectivorous plants that are restricted to this mountain only.

Fauna: The endemism in animals is also very high. More than one-third of the 270 endemic birds, mammals, and frogs are found in cloud forests.

One of the best-known cloud forest mammals is the Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus). Many of those endemic animals have important functions, such as seed dispersal and forest dynamics in these ecosystems.

Watch the video on Cloudforest in East Ecuador 


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