How all started – Check my story in the Cloudforest

Cloudforest Experience

Jarol Fernando Vaca

My name is Jarol Fernando Vaca, I am a self-taught naturalist from Ecuador, motivated by the Conservation of Nature in all forms. I arrived at Baeza a couple of days before the world went crazy for the COVID19 and that has not moved since. My curiosity brought me to Baeza, I always want to know more about this particular location, get to know the birds, the orchids, the rivers, and protected areas surrounded it. Baeza is like many locations in Ecuador, is not the exception to the rule, boasts wildlife in every direction, a carnival of wilderness.

Activities I had worked on..!

My Story in the Cloudforest

My Story in the Cloudforest

Bird Watching! I feel lucky to enjoy easy access to birding trails from where I’m living. Orchid watching! I had found a new set of orchids to watch and learn, also I went and started the long process of recovering and helping orchids to bloom again. Nature Walks to different destinations some along rocky rivers, some to secondary roads, and some lucky days to National Park, Local Reserves, Haciendas.

I proposed the Cloudforest Experience

Next time you plan to visit a unique location in Ecuador, stop by Baeza. I will show you the best birding locations, the rivers for refreshing and we go to search for the wildest orchid around.

Check the Video from the last Hike to the Quijos River


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