The Orchids of the Cloudforest in East Ecuador you can watch in one day!

The Orchids of the Cloudforest in East Ecuador

The Orchids of the Cloudforest in East Ecuador

Orchids is one of the beautiful plants, foe thousands of years has captivated our curiosity, there are many reasons to out and find them in the wild.

We all need is a curious eye to search for the beauty experience at different locations in the Cloudforest.

When you walk around in the woods always double-check any spot that seems potential for orchids.

Orchids are famous for cheating on insects, they have crafted their flowers to get pollinated by desperate males.

The delicate and unique Orchids mimic essential oils, shapes to have males of different types of insects such as orchid bees, beetle, and grasshoppers to each the fresh petals of orchids, it may taste like lettuces.

Cloudforest Orchids

Cloudforest Orchids from Ecuador

Locations worth checking for Orchids

The Cloudforest offers different windows to find the most beautiful orchids, it can be waiting to be found on top of a pile of decaying forest material,

Always think about the places which combine all the right conditions for an Orchids, the right amount of light, water, and nutrients.

Orchids have a wide range of lifestyles, focus your search for the perfect spot.

Below are some we recommend when wandering in the clouds.

  • Light Gaps
  • Streams
  • Isolated tree
  • Forest trails

Watch Orchids from the Cloudforest on East Ecuador


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