The Nature of the Cloudforest

Cloudforest Nature Experience

Cloudforest Nature

We explore the Cloudforest to Learn about the Diversity of Life living in, we are focus on the Experience to be inside the forest, and going wild to search it, looking for iconic wildlife from this particular area.

Water is associated with every aspect of local wildlife, birds move even in the rain, colorful tanager, and euphonias.

Rivers and waterfalls are the main destinations, using dirt roads to visit local reserves of farming lands.

We have different activities to look at things in the Cloudforest.

  • Birdwatching early walks to birdy areas to enjoy colors and shapes.
  • Nature and Walks Hikes in national Parks, Reserves and Farms
  • Orchid Watching, a local rescue center and Hikes in national Parks, Reserves and Farms

We have world cloudforest destinations

  • Papallacta Pass, excellent location fo find High Andean Wildlife, such Carunculated Caracara, Spectacled Bear, White-tailed Deer.
  • Guacamayos Trail, excellent location for the Cloudforest Experience, wide trail to search for wildlife.
  • San Rafael Waterfall, excellent for the Cloudforest Experience, along the Quijos drainage,  a wide trail to search for wildlife
  • Lumbaqui, excellent for the Cloudforest Experience on the way to Cuyabeno a Rainforest Wildlife Reserve
  • Tena is a city in the Amazon Rainforest, an excellent location to enjoy the beautiful places around
  • Coca is a city in the Amazon rainforest, an important port along the Napo River, good to enroll into a deeper destination in the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve.